Friday, November 9, 2007

My baby has her license!

Okay, I told her i wouldn't phrase it quite like that, but she IS my baby, all 16.5 years old! Well, she just passed her road test and is now a licensed California driver.

Probably a good thing that I am almost totally gray so it won't be much different when more grays pop out as she starts driving by herself.

Overall, I am really very happy for her, as this is one of the many rites of passage into adulthood and I am happy for her. She is a good driver so far - and she has a good head on her shoulders, so I am proud of who she is and confident of her growing up to be a valuable citizen of the world.

Still.... she is my baby! :-)

my yarn addiction

okay, i have a serious yarn addiction... i am trying to organize my stash and i have so much yarn i almost can't cope... and then yesterday, i bought even more! my sock yarn stash alone is frightening. I went to Target and got this HUGE storage container. Got home and filled it with sock yarn left over! I am now on a MAJOR sock knitting effoprt for Christmas. I am not even planning it -- just closing my eyes, reaching in my sock yarn bucket and picking a yarn. Then I decide who it could be for and start knitting. I now have something going for DH and DD... in addition to everything else!

At least I was smart enough to cancel out of a purse felting class that started tomorrow. it was when i realized that i needed more yarn that i decided i had to STOP! :-)

some other stuff... had a great time at the knitting retreat in Carmel- can't believe it's been three weeks ... time just flies by too quickly.

i also did the "Shop Hop" that weekend -- had a blast, even though I missed the beginning of the retreat. On the way down to Carmel, I started at Nine Rubies and then hit 11 more shops as I drove south... it was so much fun. I then hit the Carmel shop and the Pacific Grove shop on Saturday. On the way home on Sunday, I went over to Morgan Hill and then the 2 shops in San Jose, to have hit all 16 shops! As a symbolic gesture, I then drove "home" to Nine Rubies!

Needless to say, I bought a LOT of yarn during the shop hop... more than I realized until I got home and assessed my purchases! (also spent WAY too much money!)